Shared taxi service

A Shared Taxi

Introduction of Shared Taxi

A Shared Taxi has at the same time, taxi’s merit of user friendliness from door to door and a shared bus publicness.
We recommend this service based on the know-how from our operation results from the 10th year of Heisei.

  • Hokusei Aozora service is a service bringing you from the former Hirosaki city (except the Higashimeya district which is a detached terretory) to Aomori Airport.
    With the shared taxi, you can move comfortably from your home to Aomori Airport.
    We accept reservation from one passenger. Please try our shared taxi.

  • “The Hokusei Hayabusa service” as one of the secondary transportation which links the Tohoku Shinkansen Shin Aomori Station and Hirosaki city Nishimeya (Shirakami Mountains). It is a shared taxi service which passengers using the Shinkansen can easily use.
    We accept reservation from one passenger. Please try the convenience from door to door.