Shared taxi service

Aozora Service

Information on Aozora service

Hokusei Aozora service is a service bringing you from the former Hirosaki city (except the Higashimeya district which is a detached terretory) to Aomori Airport.
With the shared taxi, you can move comfortably from your home to Aomori Airport.
We accept reservation from one passenger. Please try our shared taxi.

Usage Information

Charges for usage

3,500 yen ~ 5,000 yen (one way) *passage charge pretax.
The charge is 3,500 yen for one passenger from Hirosaki to Aomori Airport.
There is no round trip discount. (Passengers over 6 years old are charged the same as adults)

Reservation procedure

Reservation possible from one passenger (Shared taxi system)
Object districts for chauffer service: Former Hirosaki city (Except for the Higashimeya detached district)
Please from the reservation mail form.
However the reception deadline is until 17:00 on the previous day by phone, and in cases of mail it is until 22:00 2 days before.
TEL: 0172-33-3333


Large Baggages are possible to load (Large traveling baggeges etc…)
There is no carrying in charges for Large Baggages(Large Traveling Baggeges)

Operation Information

Operation may be canceled on the appointed day. We thank you for your understanding.

  • If a natural disaster occurs and operation may be dangerous.
  • When operation is not possible because of road block.

We will not offer damage compensation for the operation cancel or delays on the appointed day.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get on the taxi at this moment?

The reservation deadline is until 17:00 on the previous day of usage.
After the deadline, depending on the vacancy situation and timing of the course, it is possible to ride, however it is not certain.
Even from one passenger, we will prepare a taxi, if you make a reservation.

Can I appoint a certain time?

The time will be appointed by us in advance.
For details, please view the pick up time in the time table for Aomori Airport(PDF).

What time will the taxi come for pick up?

We will inform you of the detailed pick up time around 19:00 on the previous day.

How much is the charge from this point?

The Hokusei Aomori service is 2,300 yen uniformly.

Can I ride from Ohwani machi, Hirakawa city?

Our business area is Hirosaki city and Nishimeyamura.
We are sorry but please come to Hirosaki station or the Hirosaki center station.

Can I bring my dog with me?

We do not accept dogs as they may be a bother to other passengers.
Please use the normal taxi.

Where is the taxi stand for Aomori Airport

Our driver will be waiting in the arrivals lobby holding up a placard with your name on it.
Please let us know if you notice. We will accompany you to the taxi.

How much is the charge for children?

Accompanied children of ages below 6 years old are free of charge.

Can I ride just one way?

Please use either one way trip or round trip.

Can much is the cancel charge?

If you inform us, there is no cancel charge.

Can I ride with a friend?

As it is a shared taxi with other passengers, depending on the course, it may not be possible to ride together with your friend.

Can I get on and off at Namioka, Fujisaki which is on the way?

Our business district is Hirosaki city and Nishimeya district.
We are sorry but getting on and off on the way, is not possible.

What happens if the airplance is canceled?

For airplanes departing from Aomori Airport Hokusei Aozora service will operate. Please give us a call regarding cancels or change of planes or other changes.
For airplanes arriving in Aomori Airport Hokusei Aozora service will be canceled too. Please give us a call for change of planes or other changes.

What happens if the airplane is delayed?

We will be waiting until the delayed arrival time, so there is no need to worry.