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Wa Rasse, Hakkoda Mountains, Oirase, Lake Towada course

  • Course details

    You can not explain Aomori without seeing the Nebuta Festival and Towada, Oirase.
    Please enjoy the different views in the fresh green of spring, rainy season, midsummer, autumn leaves.
    It is full of spots to drop in during the route.
    You will be fascinated by the nature beauty which appears one after another.

  • The time required

    7 hours

  • Best season

    From the end of May to the end of October

  • Sightseeing route

    JR Shin Aomori station・Aomori Airport—Wa・Rasse— Hakkoda Mountains (Goto corporal statue from the Sekichu Gyogun・ Hakkoda Ropeway・ Jyogakura Ohashi・ Sugayu Onsen・lily pond)—Oirase Gorge ( Ishikedo・Stream of Ashura・Shiraito Fall 《promenade》Choshi Ohtaki)—Lake Towada (Nenokuchi 《steamer ship》 Yasumiya Statue of Otome—Takinosawa observation spot—JR Hirosaki station・hotels inside Hirosaki

Introducing sightseeing spots

House of Nebuta Wa Rasse

  • Points to see

    It introduces the histories and attractiveness of the Nebuta festival which watched the growth of the town until today. It is a “dream space” where you can experience everything of Nebuta througout the year.

  • Information for visitors

    open hours / May~August 9:00~17:00, September~April 9:00~16:00
    Days off / the close of the old year to the start of the new year.
    Admission fee / Adults 600 yen, Highschool students 450 yen, Elementary and Junior Highschool students 250 yen.

Hakkoda Mountains (Hakkoda Gourd line)

  • Points to see

    Hakkoda Mountains is a collective name of the mountains in the northern part of Towada Hachimantai National Park. With the main peak, Hakkoda Ohtake in the center, it is composed of around 10 mountains.
    There are many wetlands and it is a treasury for the high mountain plants. From spring to summer, it is crowded with many mountain climbers.
    Hakkoda Mountains is blessed with snow, and frost covered trees can be seen as well. It has a hige scale as a ski resort.
    The Hakkoda ropeway is a gondola which is designed for 101passengers. It introduces you up to the mountaintop of MountTamoyachi all year around.
    At the ropeway mountaintop park station which is at the Mount Tamoyachi surroundings, you can find more than 10 ponds and swamps. It is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Hakkoda Mountains.
    As the road for strolling through this great mother nature has the shape of a gourd, it is called the Gourd Line. People of all ages and both sexes can enjyoy the promenade.

  • Information for visitors

    Hakkoda Ropeway
    open periods / March~until the beginning of November 9:00~16:20, middle of November~end of February 9:00~15:40
    A round trip ticket / Adults 1850 yen, Elementary school students 870 yen.

Statue of Sekichu Gyogun, Goto Corporal

  • Points to see

    In January of the 35th year of Meiji period, the Aomori infantry, 5th regiment and 2nd battalion held a cold weather training assuming the Russo-Japanese War. 199 lives were sacrificed among 210 people, it brought about the worst result in the japanese mountain history.
    There is a saying that one of the survivors Fusanosuke Goto corporal was standing straight up until the rescue party arrived.
    The mountain climbing distress archives and graveyards are in Aomori city Yukihata.

Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

  • Points to see

    The bridge is built over the Jyogakura gorge which divides Aomori city and Kuroishi city.
    It is the largest truss arch bridge in Japan with the length of 360m, 122m to the bottom of the valley.
    From here you can enjoy the wondeful view of north-south Hakkoda Mountains all year around.

Sukayu Onsen

  • Points to see

    Among the numerous onsen’s in Hakkoda, it is the most oldest onsen of 300 years history.
    “The sennin buro” constructed of hinoki leaf with 264㎡ area is famous. Also there is “Fukashi yu” where you can sit upon a wooden box and the onsen steam flows. You can also visit the “jikoku swamp”anytime.

Oirase Gorge

  • Points to see

    The Oirase Gorge stretches from Nenokuchi of Lake Towada to Yakiyama, a total distance of 14km.
    You can drive your car parallel to the gorge, and by taking a walk along the promenade, you can view many scenic spots.
    Introducing some scenic spots, the Makadoiwa is a large rock like a front gate which rises as if to wall up the entrance of Lake Towada.
    The Choshi Otaki is the only fall which is built over the Oirase Gorge with 7 meter height, 20m width. The volume of water is amazing and it’s existence is as a guardian of Lake Towada.
    The flow of Kujyukushima is as if islands wearing moss, trees and plants are scattering in the garden.
    The Ashura current is as it’s name of scraping the rock, a strong and beautiful current.
    The Manza current is a natural beauty one can not buy with money.
    A tanka poet, Keizuki Ohtsuki sings; “Sumaba hinotomo, asobaba Towada, arukya oirase sansato han”(It is the best place to live throughout Japan, Towada is the best place to have fun, Walking along Oirase Gorge of around 13km)

Lake Towada

  • Points to see

    It is situated at Aomori and Akita prefectural border, it covers an area of 85000ha, elevation of the surface of the lake is 400m, 1 perimeter of the lake is 46km.
    The depth of 327m is No. 3 throughout Japan.
    Lake Towada has a special origin and is famous world wide for its double caldera, with no other similar Lake as it. It became known to the general public after Keizuki Ohmachi introduced Lake Towada in the magazine “Sunshine”.
    The recommendation is Lake Naka, surrounded by Ogura and Nakayamaryo peninsula which were before a somma of caldera.
    The attractiveness of Lake Towada is that all year around the virgin forests shines brilliantely on the Lake, and it is amazing.
    The excursion on the Lake is 50 minutes.

  • Information for visitors

    Towada steam boat
    open period / beginning of April~end of November please confirm during winter periods.
    admission fee / Adults 1400 yen, Elementary school students 700 yen

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medium sized privately booked bus 40 people 73,000 yen 2 buses available Aero ace, Melpha
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