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Tsugaru peninsula Tappisaki, Tachineputa course

  • Course details

    The Tsugaru peninsula east coast course is a highlighted course for the “Resort Shirakami”which is the most popular Gono Line in the JR east Japan local line.
    Along this Gono Line, we will drive south on the national 101 line visiting scenic spots.

  • The time required

    7 hours

  • Best season


  • Sightseeing route

    JR Hirosaki station・Hotels inside Hirosaki—Shirakami promenade (promenade in the beech forest of the surrrounding Shirakami Mountains)—Kurokuma fall—Senjoshiki coast—Kasose・ baked squid village—Fukaura・House of Kazemachi・ Bungaku kan—Lake Jyuniko—Ajigasawa・Fukaura・hotel

Introducing sightseeing spots

Shirakami promenade

  • Points to see

    It takes 30 minutes by car driving south from the center of Ajigasawa town.
    It is a 2800m promenade which is 20km in the near side of the world heritage area.
    It is maintained for beginners and beech forest over 300 years old can be seen.
    The area of the Shirakami promendade is a field mountain of the Tsugaru feudal lords period. It was protected until nowadays as an area which tree cuttings are forbidden, to secure the rice field water.
    From the Meiji period, the land belonged to the country, and the trees beloned to the local people. It was protected until nowadays in this rare form.

  • Information for visitors

    Days off / no holidays
    open season and hours / 4/20~9/30 9:00~16:30, 10/1~10/31 9:00~15:30
    Admission fee / Adults 500 yen, Elementary and Junior high school students 400 yen

Kurokuma Fall

  • Points to see

    A big fall which is at Akaishi river stream “Takinosawa”in Shirakami Mountains. It is a fall of 85m high, 15m width.
    The fall is designated as one of the best 100 in Japan.
    Passage near the Kurokuma Falls is prohibited due to the landslide of the surrounded roads (which occurred in March of 2015). Sightseeing is prohibited. For restoration, please contact the town hall of Ajigasawa. (Ajigasawa town hall, Tourism commerce and industry division. TEL: 0173-72-2111)

Senjoshiki coast

  • Points to see

    It is recognized as Japan’s 100 most beautiful sunset.
    The rock beach elevated after the earthquake of 1792(4th year of Kansei period).
    The ledge is widely spread where there is a saying that the lord of Tsugaru family spread out 1000 tatami mats and held a sake banquet here.
    During the winter period, the icicles made in back of the rock wall of the Senjoshiki station along the JR Gono Line is amazing.

The inn of Dazai, Fukaura house of literature.

  • Points to see

    Akitakaya rykokan (japanese style inn) which appeared in the novel “Tsugaru” was opened as house of literature.
    The room where Osamu Dazai stayed during the location hunting of “Novel Tsugaru” was reconstructed as the past days.

  • Information for visitors

    open hours / 8:30~17:00
    Admission fee / Adults 300 yen, Highschool students 200 yen, Elementary school students 100 yen.

Kazemachi House

  • Points to see

    It revives and displays the Hokuzen boat “Fukauramaru”, and informs the the period when the Japan sea commerce flourished. It also introduces and revives the overall culture which the Hokuzen boat brought by screen.

Lake Jyuniko

  • Points to see

    It is a beautiful park which is formed by 33 lakes and marshes, surrounded by beech forests.
    Especially the Aoike(blue lake), as the name of the lake the water is transparent ultramarine blue and when a ray of sunshine shines in, it becomes more brightly colored. The green leaves around reflect deep in the water and it is so beautiful as you are looking at a holography.

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jumbo taxi 9 people 40,000 yen 9 cars available HiAce
small size privately booked bus 21 people 61,000 yen 1 bus available Liesse II
medium sized privately booked bus 40 people 73,000 yen 2 buses available Aero ace, Melpha
wheel chair sleeping car 6 people 40,000 yen 6 cars available 2 wheel chair passengers(1sleeping berth possible)+4 people

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